Finding Good Quality Clothes

Tired of poor quality clothes that fade and fall apart after a short time? Then you should consider purchasing good quality clothes from the retailer. Good quality clothes are more comfortable and durable. However, choosing the right quality clothing may not be easy for most of the people. Here are surefire tips on how to tell if clothing at a retailer is of good quality.

#1. Spare buttons

Clothing that comes with extra buttons is a sign of top quality. When there are extra buttons, you will have everything that you will need to make minor repairs. Also, the garment that has extra thread is ideal especially if you want to replace the buttons.

#2. Metal zippers

A zipper is an important consideration when looking for good quality clothing. Plastic zippers are harder to zip and wear out quickly. On the other hand, the presence of metal zippers is a sign of good quality.

#3. Strong stitches

A low-quality garment has signs of missed stitches, crooked lines, loose stitches, snags and other imperfections. To test the strength of the stitches, grab the garment on each side of the seam and tug to see if it holds together. If it pulls apart, then it is a sign of low quality.

#4. Natural fibers

Good quality clothing is made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool are silk. Synthetic fibers do not last longer and also require a lot of care. On the other hand, clothing made from natural fiber look great even after washing.

#5. Well-cut

Low-quality brands want to save money by using the least fabric to produce a garment. This often results in clothing that is uncomfortable and doesn’t fit as expected. Well-cut clothing has the right size and provides a comfortable fit.

#6. Matching fabric patterns

The correct match-up of the patterns is the sign of good quality clothing. On the other hand, poorly-matched patterns are easily noticeable and make the garment look unattractive. Any sloppy match-ups show that little attention has gone into the making of that garment.

#7. Quality button holes and buttons

A good quality garment should have properly stitched button holes without signs of falling apart easily. Also, you should check for the quality of buttons for defects. The buttons that are made of top-quality materials is a sign of quality garment.

#8. The light test

This is one the simplest tips on how to tell if the quality at a retailer is of good quality. Hold the garment against the light in the retailer store. If it’s hard to see through that garment, then you have found high-quality clothing.

#9. The Squeeze Test

This might sound weird, but this is one the best ways to tell the quality of the clothing. Give your garment a squeeze. If it stays wrinkled even after you stop squeezing then it is a sign of poor quality. High-quality clothing is very hard to squeeze and will not wrinkle easily.


Now that you have got some best tips on how to tell if clothing at a retailer is of good quality, you will be assured of getting value for your money.

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