How do you choose where you buy clothes?

The status quo – people pay attention to this more than you might think. Whether they would care to admit it or not, people take into consideration on how they can maintain a certain level of status quo. They don’t want to be attributed to something stale. They are who they are, depending on how the rest of the world perceives them. And there’s nothing better to improve the way the world sees an individual than with the clothes that he or she decides to put on.

Yes, one’s style or fashion statement, if you will, speaks a lot about an individual’s personality. From being rebellious to putting on a metrosexual persona, fashion is key in how one can present himself / herself to how he / she sees fit. Of course, the trick is how to determine which brand a person would want to be characterized with first. So on that note, how exactly do you choose the store you want to buy your clothes from?

If you are somebody who takes pride in being unique and would want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, you don’t want to shop where most people shop to. You definitely don’t want to run into a stranger wearing the exact same wardrobe that you do. So, if you want to stand out and be original, you have to be willing to pay a little bit extra for a store that carries some of the most high-end brands that are out in the market today. Squeezing your way through a weekend sale or participating in Black Friday discounts shouldn’t be part of your itinerary.

The way a brand markets itself plays a huge role too in convincing a person where he / she would want to shop. You definitely don’t want to be seen shopping in a store for a brand that supports controversial figures known for racism and bigotry right? (*ahem* New Balance *ahem*) More often than not, a person who likes a certain brand would end up being seen as an individual who believes the exact same things that the brand represents, so doing a little bit of research before you allow a tag to be seen on your soles or across your chest certainly helps.

Last but certainly not the least is dependability. If a store is known to sell clothes that easily wears off or would always fall apart at the seams, stay away. You want clothes that you can wear over and over for years, and if a store or brand is known to sell items that offer otherwise, give yourself a favor and keep your distance from those.

Of course, this is just to help you on how to choose the store you buy clothes from. It’s still up to you on what clothes you want to wear and which brands you’d want to follow. After all, fashion lets one make a statement and it’s up to you to decide if that statement works for your own status quo.

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