Van Heusen Watches

Even though phones will tell you the time, watches remain a dignified tradition worn as a symbol of class, and more importantly they are reliable, always right there on your wrist when you need it. There’s a lot of different watches out there crafted for different brands, but today I want to talk about Van Heusen watches. They are some of my favorite dress watches for a variety of reasons which I’ll talk about it, but perhaps one of the most important thing about them is the many different styles they have. You can get ones with nice leather bends, or if you prefer a metallic band, they have mesh and some other types, always polished and durable. They have styles ranging from classic to modern which I’ll get into a little bit later.

I mentioned durability, and that’s because these are pretty tough watches. The glass on the face is very resistant to damage and scratching I’ve noticed, and the straps hold together well, even the leather ones. The dials for setting the watch feel very reactive and well-attached, which is good because I’ve had other watches that come apart at the dial first because they often come loose from use. That’s not the case with Van Heusen watches; they’re on there to stay. The cases on these watches are quite impressively sturdy, including the part where the band is attached, which is a very crucial part of the watch that always breaks first with cheaper brands – that’s not the case with these watches. If it isn’t the dial, it’s the band, and I’ve had absolutely no trouble with either while wearing a Van Heusen watch. The watches are also promoted as being water resistant, which seems to be true, I’ve swum many laps with my watches, and they’re no negative consequences. You probably don’t want to go deep sea diving with one of these, but recreational swimming is completely fine.

In my opinion, I find that the Van Heusen watches are very attractive, the different styles touch well on the various trends that go along with dress watches. I prefer the classic ones whether you get a leather band or a metallic one, particularly the ones with the three subdials, but there’s also a few that have a modern twist with large window pane faces and large embedded numbers, which is sure to please people who don’t have perfectly accurate eyesight and prefer to be able to see the time easily at a glance. Silver and Quartz are my favorite watch colors, one of my favorite Van Heusen watches is a quartz metal one that has Roman numerals on it, it’s very minimalist and yet still somehow very sophisticated which is the way I like to go with watches.

They’re very affordable too. Van Heusen watches don’t get marked up to exorbitant prices because some celebrity wore them, they’re very fairly priced given the impeccable quality and the authentic style. You can pretty much buy all or most of them and have a diverse and impressive collection for every occasion, whether or not you’re very wealthy. Casual buyers will probably find something that suits them, though, and they won’t be disappointed. I could say more I’m sure, but I’ve touched on the main things I like about them. Go shopping and see them for yourself.

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