What makes Van Heusen different?

If you want to get the best lifestyle for enjoyable activities of the day, then Van Heusen is the best store for you. The outstanding store features anti-wrinkle and wicking properties. It doesn’t matter the runaway you will go through since the collection is designed in such a way that it will keep you to be smart as you continue your journey. In addition to that, the following are some other reasons which make the Van Heusen different from other stores:

#1. The perfect shirt

This is one of the gifts which you can get from the Van Heusen firm. The shirt is a statement of confidence and style. From the website, you can choose the both your favorite color and a suitable fit. Depending on the shirt which you like, you can choose from the various options such as collar and cuff. Therefore, you can go to the vanheusenindia.com and select the latest style which you need.

#2. The power dressing

With a perfect boardroom, you can also get a forward fashion power dressing as well as a multi-faceted professional wardrobe from Van Heusen. The style caters for both men and women.

In fact, it represents an elegance which is sophisticated and reflects the current expression of lifestyle. With an excellent fabric, the firm has defined the way in which both men and women are dressed.

#3. The sophisticated club wears (V dot)

V dot is a sub-brand of Heusen which specializes in the club wear. The cloth is styled to an edgy collection and radiate attitude of the van Heusen blazers, trousers and shirts. The dressing is perfect for formal evenings and night around the town.

#4. The Van Heusen sport (Ivy League style)

This is an inspired casual wear which is perfect for Ivy League look and the amalgamation of modernity. The dressings are between casual and smart and its line is made of fine knits, shirts, jackets and laundered chinos. As it is styled with amazing sporting details, this is a perfect collection for off-duty. Thus, you can buy the van-Heusen T shirt and pair it with washed loafers and chinos, and you will have a lovely look.

#5. The Van-Heusen lady

The Van-Heusen lady emerges as a life-style product which was launched under the women’s category. The brand collection is aimed at making intelligent, dynamic and ambitious women look smart. Nevertheless, the brand Heusen woman has a chic, classy and polished lifestyle. What makes the women attractive when they wear this type of dress is the fact that it has a feminine look. The dress is coordinated by the Ladies’ Van Heusen suits. Therefore, you can visit the company’s website and pick the dress which is suitable for you.

#6.The jet setter

The jet setter is a comfortable and sophisticated type of wear which is also available at Van Heusen. With this kind of wear, you will be able to memorize the flight schedules as well as having a beaten track menus.


From the details highlighted, you can have a pleasant experience with this type of power dressing from the Van Heusen website. The fashion is also suitable for individuals who want to have the power of dressing with the lifestyle.

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